How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Costume





Introduction: How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Costume

I was looking for a good Halloween costume this year. I wanted something original and hilarious. I think I accomplished both.



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    great !
    but … how high do you fly ???…
    (I wish to cross the Alps … )

    I like this idea for my nephew who is only 4, what could i use that is light weight to hold up the ball? this is an awesome idea.

    lol, absolutely hilarious.  I think we'll see a lot of balloon boy costumes.  The balloon boy thing was about two miles away from my school.  Now i live in balloon boy city.

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    Haha! That's actually funny. Did you stop everything you were doing that day and go watch it?

    Haha, No.  There's always a hot air balloon or two floating around usually.  I just thought it was another balloon.  Then i got home from school and saw the news story about the runaway balloon.

    I live in FoCo as well. I make large solar hot balloons, and I got a lot of calls from worried relatives that day, because they thought it was me. It was hilarious.

    Brilliant work! This is the sort of fun and whimsical costume that makes Halloween great.

    How imaginative! I would have liked to see a curled moustachio to go with the eccentric aviator get up, maybe a bottle in your bloon weights. Then again, I think a curled moustachio and booze is an improvement on anything.

     Teeheehee!  That's almost as cute as the Super Mario Bros costumes :)

    That's so wicked! I especially like the fact that you went with an "aviator-esque" coat and spiffy goggles. I do have to admit a mild disappointment because part of the title was cut off and I thought it said, "How to make a Hot Air Balloon". You would not believe the franticness with which I clicked upon your instructable in hopes that the secret of affordable aviation was about to be revealed. (Franticness is not a word??)

    that's so imaginative, just wonderful how such a simple idea could make for such a cool and original costume!

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    thanks! i went to a party with it seems to go over with the geek crowd and drunk moms. everyone else wants to knock you over.