How to Make a Hot Wheels Bottle Opener




how to make a hot wheels bottle opener


Step 1: Find a Hot Wheels Car

find the cheapest diecast car you can find.

this is just for fun.

Step 2: Cut a Square in the Chassis

flip the car over and cut a square on the bottom of the car.

this will allow a place to put the bottle opener.

it is idea to cut between the the wheel axles to keep the appearance of a car.

drill a hole where you are planing to cut and use a box cutter blade to cut out the soft plastic to expose the cavity of the car.

Step 3: Make the Bottle Opener

get a flat strip of aluminum.

cut out to a shape of a generic flat bottle opener.

can be done with a metal cuting machine and a drill.

bend the bottle opener into a cube shape with the bottle opener park on 1 side of the cube.

it will look more lie a rhombus.

Step 4: Glue the Bottle Opener Inside

test fit if the bottle opener fits in the cavity of the car.

it is idea to make the bottle opener fit snug in the cavity without any glue to insure stability of the bottle opener.

once it is test fited, glue the bottle opener to the bottom of the car, trying to keep it flush.



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