How to Make a Jean Skirt

Introduction: How to Make a Jean Skirt

When I wan seventeen I wanted jeans, but they were expensive, so I made my own.  Now thirty-one years later I wanted a jean skirt and I made one.  Here it is and enjoy.

Step 1: Make the Pattern

If you have a jean skirt that is old, take it apart gently by the seams and use the skirt as a pattern.  If you don't have an old jeans skirt, like in my case, get a pair of Jeans take hem apart at the seams, trace on to paper, and shape it in an A line to make the denim skirt pattern.

Step 2:

Cut out the paper pattern and pin it on denim fabric, or any other fabric of choice, such as floral corduroy.  Using chalk or fabric marker, mark a 3/4" seam to cut for seams, and use pins as a guide to trace the seams on back side of fabric, then cut out.  

Step 3:

To sew back of skirt, sew the yokes to the main part of the skirt.  The sew the left and right sides together and then sew the back pockets on the skirt.

Step 4:

To sew the front, sew the right and left sides together, but leave a 7" opening, that is where the zipper will go.  Sew the inner pocket first, then the outer pockets.

Step 5:

When the front and back are finish, join them together at the side seams.

Step 6:

When the skirt is together at four sides, sew a 1/2" hem all around the bottom.  Then, attach the waist, then either a button at the waist or a large snap, and your skirt is finished like this one.

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    4 years ago

    Wow, talented pattern maker! I'm going to try making one from jeans that don't fit me well, but think they could work as a skirt.