How to Make a Keyblade

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After seeing that my keyblade slideshow got so many views I thought I should show you how to make it. It's hard and doesnt break very easily. This is Sora's Kingdom Key but with different colored tape you can make Mickey's. Also it is because of Legofanatic that i decided to make this. Hope you like it!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Silver, Blue/Red, Black, and Yellow Masking (or gold if you can find it) Tape
6-7 Toy lightsaber blades
7 Keychain rings
1 Keychain clip
Scissors/Exacto Knife

For the red or blue tape, if your making Sora's Key youll need blue tape. if your making Mickey's, Youll need red tape

Step 2: Making the Blade

For this you will have to take your lightsaber blades and take them off the hilt of the lightsaber. Then extend the blade and go up to the top and push the top peice of the blade out, repeat this on every blade until you have 6 or 7 of the top peices. Then stack them on top of eachother and make sure their tight

Step 3: Continuing Blade

Once the blades are stacked cover them in Silver tape or Masking Tape depending on whos Key your makin. If your making Sora's Keyblade cover it with silver tape, if your making Mickey's cover it with Masking tape

Step 4: Teeth

For the Teeth, draw the teeth shape in the pic below on some cardboard and cut it out. Once you have done that cover it with the same color tape as your blade then tape it on, you could also use hot glue to make sure it stays

Step 5: Hilt

For the hilt, draw the shape of the hilt on cardboard and cut it out. I suggest cutting out 3 to make it more stable. Then cover it with Silver tape if you are making Mickey's or Masking tape if you're making Sora's. Tape it on the bottom of the blade. Once you have got the hilt on, put black tape on the handle

Step 6: Rainguard

The rainguard is going to be either blue or red depending on whos key your making. If you are making Sora's Key its going to be blue, if your making Mickey's it will be red. Just put a strip of tape around over the hilt

Step 7: Keychain

For the Keychain you will need to find 7 key rings and one keychain clip the same color as the blade. Tape one keyring to the bottom of the hilt and and make sure its tight. Then put the Keychain clip onto it. Attach all the other keyrings together and put one of the ends on the clip. Cut out a hidden mickey and cover it with the same color tape as the blade and use a holepuncher somewhere inbetween the ears. Put it on the end of the keychain

Step 8: Finished!

Now you can go fight some Heartless! If you had any problems or was confused on something leave a comment below. Hope you liked it

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its actually pretty much the same size as the one in the game. In the game its 3.5ft, mine is 2.8ft


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