How to Make a K'nex Mini Gatling Glove




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This is a fun little accessory that can be added to costumes or used by itself in pretend battles. Although none of the parts actually work, (excepting the rotating barrels) this is still a fun project and an idea to maybe get this invented in real life. I don't know. Here are some of the features of the project.

  • fits onto a glove
  • rotating barrel
  • finger bending locks so you can't shoot your finger
  • thumb trigger
  • comfortable fit

here are the cons

  • doesn't actually work (duh)
  • not the most terrifying color scheme
  • not a super realistic idee

ok, so now we can start building.

Step 1: Gathering Pieces

Just gather all of the pieces you see above. Or, just find them as you need them. It doesn't matter with this small project. Just make sure you have all of these things before you start building

Step 2: Building the Gun

If you followed the pictures then you should be done with the construction! Great Job! Go to the next step to adjust your gun and add the glove.

Step 3: Adding the Glove

Follow the pics to adjust the trigger. Then, slide the glove on. I recommend using a glove with the ends cut off so your fingertips aren't covered. If you have trouble with this part then send me a pic of what you have and private message me on my page here.

Also as you can see the trigger can go one either way. Your call. Thanks for building! Please Fav and comment!



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    I'm glad I could help, though I realize I counted the number of social networks wrong... There are actually five there... XD Good luck building! Send me a link when it's finished!

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    Not if you use the above codes! Think of them as cheat codes to copy and past into the boxes on your site. Read the tutorials, they can explain it more than I can.


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    wow glad you appreciate all the pictures. I hate it when I start making something, but the person didn't include enough pictures! UG! Glad you like the stance. I thought you might