How to Make a LED Creeper Face

Introduction: How to Make a LED Creeper Face

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This instructable will show you how to make a LED creeper face with a on off switch.

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Step 1: Gathering the Supplies.

You will need:

20 10mm LEDs

black duct tape

foam board


1 button battery

1 button battery holder

1 on/off switch

wire strippers

soldering iron


a mat

1 pen

rotary blade

nail punch


and pliers.

Step 2: The Front.

Cut 2 6''x6'' pieces of foam board then cover both sides with the black duct tape. Now make a 1 inch grid on the duct tape using your sharpie, draw a X in each box where the face will be.

Step 3: Putting Holes for the LEDs in the Front.

Get your duct tape then place the front on the top of the tape and jab a hole fore each LED using your nail punch.

Step 4: Soldering the Positive Wires.

Place all if the LEDs in the holes now bend the positive wires down and start soldering in the bottom left corner of the left creeper eye connect them all, if 1 wire is to short connect it using wire.

Step 5: Soldering the Negative Wires.

Strip about 16'' of wire and solder it to all of the negative wires starting at the top where you started the positive wires, leave about 3'' of wire on the end to connect the button, and batterie holder.

Step 6: Adding the Battery Holder & Switch

Connect the positive wire to the positive end of the battery holder, connect negative wire on the switch to the battery holder and the wire to the left of that to the negative wire that is connected to the LEDs.

Step 7: Finishing Up.

Cut 2 2''x 4'', 2 2''x6'', and 1 6''x6'' pieces of foam board, cut a hole in the middle of a 2''x4'' piece of foam for the switch, tape all sides on then put the switch in the hole and tape it down. Put the top on, cover with tape and your done!

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