How to Make a LEGO Desk Tripod

I've been toying with the idea of buying a mini-tripod, but then I remembered my mad LEGO skillz (not really). So I set about building a LEGO tripod, to slide onto my desk. My desk proved to be exactly two lego bricks thick, but you will have to adjust it to your liking. So if you want a tripod that costs nothing, and have basic LEGO from your childhood, build this now!

Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need:

1x: 12x6 flat piece
1x: 8x6 flat piece
1x: 6x2 block (3 blocks high)
1x: 1/4 inch bolt
2x: 6x2 block
8x: 2x2 block
19x: 4x2 block

A generous amount of bluetack

if your not sure about these pieces, check the photos below:

Step 2: Build the Base

On the 8x6 flat piece, place the 3 block high block at one end and fill out 1 layer of blocks.

Step 3:

Build a second layer, leaving a gap for the bolt. Then build another layer, leaving the same gap (see picture 2).

Step 4: Remove the Front Panel

This is where the large front block comes in handy, remove it from your tripod and put to one side. Then place the 1/4 inch bolt in the gap and add bluetack until it is safe and secure in place - the phrase use sparingly is not one that applies to this (see picture 2.) Once done, replace the panel and build another layer (see picture 3.)

Step 5: Finish Off Main Body

Finish off the main body with a few extra pieces of lego (see picture) and the main tripod is done. Overlap onto the bluetack with one piece to get a tidier look (see blocks)

Step 6: The Fastener

To make the tripod possible to slide onto a desk, we need to add a fastener which will stop it falling off. To do this we need the 12x6 flat piece and a block of bricks the width of your desk - 6 studs wide (see picture). Once built, secure it to the main tripod and TADAH! Your done. Thanks for rading my Instructable.



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    9 years ago on Step 6

     this is a great instructable.
    i was needing to buy a tripod, but i have my old lego brick.
    now with this i don't have to waste a cent and still be able to use the old bricks i haven't touched in a while.