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Introduction: How to Make a LMFAO Heart Necklace

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Here is The Instructable That I've completed.
I'll be Going by Step by Step to Show You how to make your very own and Easy Homemade LMFAO heart necklace

Step 1: Materials

For This Instructable you will need;
Foamboard (Large)
Carboard Cutter
Paint [My Recomended Colors] (Bright Yellow, Pink, Or Purple)
Neck Chain, or Dressup Chain (I Recomend the chain itself to be Gold or Silver)
Grid Paper
Glue Gun.

Step 2: Step One

For Step one, You Will need Grid Paper, Pencil and a Ruler.

To Create The out line For the base of the necklace, you will need to go 9 squares wide and then two squares up, creating the bottom of the heart.
Then to create the slant of the heart is to Go up three, then over three to the right. this Goes for the other side as well but going the opposite. Do this five times.
Now for the sides, you go up 12, and 3 wide, now your finished making the sides.
Now The curves for the top is to Go Over 3 to the left and then up two then another also you will need to do that for the other side but the opposite.
Now For top part of the heart is to go over 9 and up three creating the top of the heart also you will need to do that for the other side. Now for the curve-in you have to go down 3 then 3 to the left then down again, you must do it for the other side but opposite.
(If It becomes four Squares at the bottom of the cave-in That's Fine)
To Cut out the inside of the heart, you must leave out all edges by 3x3 [Look at Second Photo]
The Outline of the heart is now Complete! Proceed to Step two.
If This Confuses You, Just Look At my Photo, Hope it helps

Step 3: Step Two

For step Two you will need The Foam board and the outline of the heart.
for this step, place down the outline on top of the Foam board and trace the outline of the outside and the inside.
Trace out another heart as well because it will help to reinforce the strength of the foam to keep it from bending. 

Step 4: Step Three

 For Step three You Will need The Cardboard cutter and a Ruler.
To this Step, All you need to do is leave the traced part alone and Cut away the inside of the heart and the outside of the heart.
Repeat The Same step to get another heart.

Step 5: Step Four

 For this Step you Will need the Glue Gun.
To this Step all you need to do is glue one heart and connect the another to the one that was Glued. make Sure it straight. for most of the sides.

Step 6: Step Five

 For this Step you will need paint.
All you need to Do is paint the heart with What ever color that you Chose to paint. Paint the entire heart leave no White.

Step 7: Step Six

 For this Step you Will need The Glue gun,The Chain (Your Choice of Chain) and a pencil.
Make Two holes on the Top of the heart and insert the chain in them. Glue the chains that are inserted in the holes and leave them to harden.

Step 8: Congratulations!

You have Finaly Completed Creating your Very Own LMFAO heart Necklace!

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