How to Make a Layered Tulle Dress




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What you need.

  • Lycra
  • Sparkling Tulle
Sewing Machine
Elastic Band

Good luck! I hope you all enjoy it! :)

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Step 1: First Step

Let's Start! This is the Top of the dress
  1. Measure the bust line, waist and hip.
  2. Pin the edges then sew
  3. For give a finishing touch fold twice the upper part pin it and sew. (As you can see in the pictures)

Step 2: Second Step

Now the skirt part.
  1. Put the tulle on top the other fabric. Pin on both sides.
  2. Measure how long is going to be the skirt.
  3. Pin it and fold the shorter part sould the front.
  4. Now measure the hip but add 10 cm. more.
  5. Mark on the fabric then cut, It would look weird but don't worry :)
  6. Next Pin both fabrics together and sew.
  7. Then Sew the elactic band to finish the skirt. Be careful! :)

Step 3: Third Step

The last step!
  1. Unite the top and skirt, Pin it and sew.
Now you're done!! Don't forget to add a belt! ;)

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