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Introduction: How to Make a Legend of Zelda Pencil Case Motif

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Hey all you instructa-people, ready for info on how to make a cool felt pencil case decorator? It's a Legend of Zelda one with a triforce and sword.  I am sort of a cheat as I didn't actually MAKE the pencil case but I'm guessing if you guys want to go to that extent, you can. I used:

Felt   (yellow, brown, blue, purple and grey)
PVA glue (the heart of all good projects)
Pens for marking your shapes
A basic pencil case (I used an old school one)
And a paint brush to apply the glue!

Just so you know, in the pictures that's not my name (I made it 4 a friend).

Step 1: Cuttin' the Shapes

Well, you can apply them in any order for different effects, but basically you'll need:

(Optional) A name tag, mine was white so I could write on it
A protector (The famous Master sword protector shape)
A base (mine was blue)
A large triangle of yellow and a little one of the same colour as the base
The end and beginning of the sword
The tip of the handle
And the handle (Brown)

Cut them all out in the size and shape you want (This doesn't even have to be a LoZ case).

Step 2: The Gluing and Checking

Ok, place everything where you want it then apply the glue to 1 piece at a time. DEFINITELY GLUE THE BASE ON BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. When you're done, admire the effects and fill it with pens, pencils etc. Hope you enjoy! :D

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