How to Make a Lego Table Out of PVC Pipe




Introduction: How to Make a Lego Table Out of PVC Pipe

We looked all over the place for a Lego table. We finally gave up and decided to make our own.  My boys and I worked all Christmas weekend and came up with some good results.  There are several optional ways of configuring this so do what's best for your situation.  We wanted to have 2 big areas to build the Lego's and a large area in the middle to sort through them.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

- Saw - I just used a regular wood saw for the pvc and it worked fine.
- Hammer - for the trim on the top board (optional)
- Drill
- Screw Driver

For this project we used 1 1/2" diameter PVC pipe
1 - 2'x4' wood for the top of the table
2 - 10 7/8" long PVC (for the width)
2 - 41 3/8" long PVC (for the Length)
4 - 17 1/2" long PVC (for the legs)
4 - 1 1/2" Caps (for the feet)
4 -  Corner pieces
4 - T's
12 - bolts and nuts
PVC glue
Wood glue(optional)
Contact Cement (for the Lego pads)
Finishing nails (optional for the trim)
It is much cheaper if you buy the PVC in 9" lengths and cut it down.
Also, I chose the 2' x 4'  top because it was already available cut at the hardware store.

Step 2: Assemble PVC

 We cut the pieces to length and then assembled the bottom frame.  Dry fit the pieces before you glue it together to make sure everything is square.  Get a game plan when gluing because it drys almost instantly.  It only needs to dry for a short time before you can continue on to the next step.

Step 3: Attach the Top

 After assembling the bottom we flipped it over on to the top piece and attached it.  I marked and drilled 4 holes on each side and 2 on each end.  We made a large 1/2" hole on the underside of the pipe and then a small whole on the inside of the pipe and board.  We then used 1 1/2" bolts and nuts and attached the top to the frame.  If you want to add trim I would suggest doing it before attaching it to the frame.  We used Lego's to hide the screw heads on the top of the table.

Step 4: Finishing

This is the finished table.  We put trim on the edges and cut two small pieces to frame in the Lego sorting area before painting.  The Lego's had to be hollowed out in the middle before cluing.

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Ah two of my favourite things to work with Lego & PVC.
Very Nice Job.

Very cool stuff. I built a train table for my boys using PVC, with a very similar mindset as this.

In my previous PVC Ible's I always recommend, as they have 3-Way PVC Corners which would cut down on some of the work of this table and bring the legs closer to the corners.

Still, awesome work!  Especially the paint job!

im going to by that for my kichen table.very cool!

This was a great project. Thanks so much for the idea! I made one for my two boys this weekend. Did a little tweaking to your design. I added Tees halfway down legs with a crossbar to add stability. Also moved lego baseplates to center, cutout two areas to drop plastic bins in for holding the legos. Still have to paint it, but the kids are super excited! Used four 1\4-20 bolts to hold table top down, but can be unscrewed and flipped over for a craft table for the kids. After all said and done (and some dumb moments along the way), it cost about 75-85 to build, but sooooo worth it. Thanks again for the idea and inspiration!



use to? you mean you still do, right? you are never too old to play with legos.

no, but who can just "not" like legos anymore?

anywho, you have made comment 400! (counted by my account)

Nice one, but I could not imagine playing with Lego anywhere else than on the floor :)

My brother has something similar to this out of all wood, but in the middle his slides open to drop the parts into a 9" deep bin which also slides out from underneath to pour them back out onto the table... you can also just slide the center open and scoop them out, depending on how many or how few parts you have...

That looks great.  You might want to add a large bin in the middle to hold more Legos.

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maybe make it scoop out to the sides to allow picking from the top and bottom, maybe less searching for the perfect piece