How to Make a Mini Bow and Arrow With Exploding Tips

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Bow and Arrow With Exploding Tips

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We will show you how to make a Mini Bow and Arrow with Exploding Tips.

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You will need some chopsticks, duct tape, scotch tape, scissors, string, and some toy ring caps.

First pair up 2 of the chop sticks and wrap some duct tape around the center to hold them together. Repeat this process so you have 2 sets.

Next trim 2 more chopsticks in the center and save the thicker halves. Overlap about half of the newly cut pieces on each side of one of the original pairs. And tape them tightly in place. Now slide in the second pair to match up with the first and tape it in place.

Then add several layers of tape around the center of the bow to give it some added strength.

Next add some duct tape to both ends of the bow but leave about one inch of the chopsticks showing.

Now tie a knot in one end of the string and slide it between the chopsticks on one end of the bow.

Measure the string down the length of the bow and tie another knot about 1/2 inch short of its resting place. And slide it into place. This should allow the bow to have the proper curve. If needed, readjust the knot location.

Now for the fun part:

Take a ring cap and cut it into individual pieces. Carefully slide a cap over the end of the chopstick and tape it in place. If you want you can add some feathers or wings to the back for stability in flight. I just cut a small triangle out of some thin cardboard and taped it in place.

With the bow and arrow ready, you just need to hit something solid for the cap to fire. This will create a loud popping noise that will scare most people.

I have tested it on wood, concrete, trees, rocks, and several other places and it works great as long as it hits a hard surface.

The arrow does require a hard and direct impact to ignite the caps. I tried hitting the caps with the weight of my hand and did not have any response.

Have fun and play safe.

Warning: Just remember to never shoot other people or animals because it can hurt them.

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4 years ago

Wow nice i also made one but i did not used expolding tips.


Reply 4 years ago

Have fun with it