How to Make a Mini Tube Dress




Introduction: How to Make a Mini Tube Dress

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You must love this easy and flattering fit, works for every body type with the fitting elasticized waist.
You Will Need: Cotton fabric, elastic band, sewing machine, scissors, chalk.

On this video, besides from showing how to make the dress, I want show you guys a little bit more about my culture. May, is a very important month, of the Independence of my country, Paraguay, and we celebrate the 200 years of our liberty. I wanted to show a part of our history, so I did a tour of the renowned "Casa de la Independencia", where on the 14th and 15th of May, 1811 the Independence was born! In this house stands out Pictures that represent heroes of my country and you can also see crafts made by Franciscans and Jesuits. 

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Step 1: You Will Need.

Cotton fabric, elastic band, sewing machine, scissors, chalk.

Tela de algodón, banda elástica, la máquina de coser, tijeras, tizas.

Step 2: First Step

Picture #1: Measure on your body the width of the dress according to your size

                    Mide el ancho de lo que será el vestido acuerdo a tu medida.

Picture #2:  Cut the excedent of the fabric

                      Corta la tela que resta.

Picture #3: Cut the other side.

                    Corta el otro lado

Picture #4 and Picture #5: Then sew both sides

                                                Luego cose ambos lados

Step 3: Second Step

Picture #6: Do the hem on the top, pin the fabric

                     Haz el dobladillo  y pincha la tela para luego poder coser.

Picture #7 and Picture #8: Sew in the shape of zig zag like you see in the picture

                                                Debes coser en forma de zig zag como lo puedes ver en la foto.

Picture #9: Left a litlle space to put the elastic inside

                    Deja un espacio abierto para luego colocar el elástico adentro.

Picture #10: Measure the elastic, do not stretch it only has to be tight 

                       Mide el elástico, al medirlo no lo estires debes ser justo nada más

Picture#11 and picture #12: Once you put the elastic inside, sew and close.

                                                   Una vez que hayas colocado el elástico, coselo y cierra.

Step 4: Third Step

Picture #13:  Now for the fitting on the waist (you can also make it under the bust line). Measure the length os elastic you will need.

                        Ahora para dar forma en la cintura (también podría hacerlo por debajo del busto) Mide el largor de elástico que necesitará

Picture #14 and Picture #15: Now mark where the elastic need to be sew.

                                                    Ahora marca donde va ir el elástico para luego coserlo.

Picture #16: Sew directly on to the fabric

                      Cose directo el elástico sobre la tela

Picture #17 and Picture #18: For the last step do a little hem to give a finish touch.

                                                    Y como último paso haz un dobladillo en la parte inferior del vestido.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh! This was about making a dress? I never got past the gorgeous lady with the fantastic smile. Don't know who did the camera work but it was superb as well. Great job.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This girl is awesome! She's beautiful, creative, and low maintenance. What more can you ask for?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great video! Well done. Thank you for the easy instructions and for showing more about the culture of your country. I really enjoyed this!