How to Make a Mousetrap Trip Wire Alarm




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How to make a Mousetrap Trip Wire Alarm

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In this video, I will show you how to make a trip wire mouse trap alarm system with items you should have around the house. I was inspired with this project when my father recalled some old stories when he was in ROTC. He used this technique to win some war battles.

Starting with a mouse trap, first carefully remove the holding bar off of the u-shaped nail, but keep the loop intact. Now using cutters, trim the bar just behind the arched section so the bar is now straight.

Next we need to remove the bait holder catch to free up some space.

Now pull back the hammer and allow it to hit the wood a couple of times to make a mark at the point of contact. There should be a mark on each side.

Then carefully remove the arm of the spring off of the hammer for safety and swing the hammer to the other side.

Place a very small nail near the edge of the wood at each of the contact points. If the wood splits and breaks off you will need to start again. But as long as the nails are still sturdy, a crack is okay. The heads of the nails need to be left slightly raised above the wood.

Now flip the hammer back and reattach the spring.

Carefully pull back the hammer and hold it down by sliding the holding bar through the U-shaped nail. The hammer should stay in place but always be careful.

To increase the volume of the alarm, you will need some ring caps, but I have been told that percussion caps and bullet primers can also work.

Trim off a couple of caps and place one on each nail. The mousetrap trip wire is armed and ready.

The best type of string to use is fishing line because it is so hard to see and easy to attach. Tie one side to loop on the holding bar and the other side to something sturdy. As someone’s foot contacts the fishing line, the bar is pulled and the mouse trap will sound off.

To mount the mouse trap, I would suggest using zipties because they hold strong and will go around almost anything.

Have fun and be careful.

This would work great for any paintball or airsoft game. It would also work as a prank.

This can be very loud, so do not put it close to anyone's ear.



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2 years ago

Great idea, never thought about putting the cap gun rounds on the bar! Genius!


3 years ago

i have 5 siblings and this will keep them out of my room! cool!


4 years ago

I made these using fishing caps. Ice fishermen use them to signal when they have a nibble. Look at your local fishing store if you live in an area where ice fishing is popular.

1 reply