How to Make a NERF Halo 3 Battle Rifle




In case anyone is a NERF and Halo fanatic (I am), this will teach you how to make a NERF blaster combo that looks like a Halo 3 BR55HB SR Battle Rifle with no modification.

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need a NERF Rayven CS-18(N-Strike or Elite), a Recon or Retaliator barrel extension(Retaliator Extension looks better with Elite Rayven) , and any kind of scope(i.e. Tactical Scope) or any kind of light(i.e. Recon "Laser" sight/light), and paint(optional).

Step 2: Attachments

Attach the scope/light onto the top tactical rail of the Rayven, then attach the barrel extension to the front. You're done!

Step 3: Add-ons

Feel free to paint the whole thing black(leave the orange muzzle on the Rayven and barrel extension) to make it look more realistic. Maybe a light on the bottom?



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    Maybe... Its also supposed to have use in a Nerf war too, and a semi-auto with only 6 darts to shoot is kinda dumb. Just sayin'.