How to Make a Neo Cube Sphere

Introduction: How to Make a Neo Cube Sphere

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a Neo Cube sphere out of 216 Neo Cube magnets.

Items needed:
-216 Neo Cube magnets.
-(optional) A plastic card to cut apart the magnets, DO NOT use a credit card or any other cards that hold memory or information only use a plastic card.

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Step 1: Make Your Magnets Into a Long Line

Pull your magnets from the clump until it is just one long line of magnets.

Step 2: Start Making Hexagons

Start by connecting the first magnet to the sixth magnet then start rolling it until it is three magnets from the middle.
Repeat twelve times.

Step 3: Connect Together

Now connect the hexagons together into a pillar and then split the pillar in half.

Step 4: Cut the Half Pillars

Now cut the pillars into three so there is three sets of four hexagons. 

Step 5: Half Spheres

Split the hexagons as shown in the first picture the connect them as shown in the second picture. 

Step 6: Connect the Semi Spheres

Connect the semi spheres as shown in the pictures. 

Step 7: The Base

The spare semi sphere can be added to the bottom of the sphere.

Step 8: Destroying

If you press down on the top of the sphere it will crumple into four sets of hexagons.

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    That is pretty crazy! I think I've seen these before and they look like a lot of fun to play around with!