How to Make a P Out of PVC

A simple step by step plan on how to assemble the greatest P made out of PVC that you will ever see on this earth

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Step 1: Collect Your Materials

4: 12 inch long pvc pipe

1: 10 inch long pvc pipe

3: 90 degree connecters

1: T connecter

Step 2: Step 1

connect a 12 inch pipe with a 45 degree connecter

Step 3: Step 2

connect another 12 inch pipe with a 45 degree connecter and then connect the 2 pipes( with connecters) together

Step 4: Step 3

connect a third 12 inch pipe to a 45 degree connecter and then connect this piece to the already existing pieces that have already been connected and then connect the end that does not have a 45 degree connecter attached to it to a T connecter

Step 5: Final Step

Connect 10 inch pipe to T connecter to Finish assembling your P

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    5 years ago

    This is a joke Right ?