How to Make a PSP Go Paper Clip Stand




Introduction: How to Make a PSP Go Paper Clip Stand

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 This is just a simple stand made of 2 paper clips and 2 mini binder clips it can be used on the original PSP to watch movies, but is intended for the PSP Go, and to use a PS3 Controller on it (learn how to do that here).

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

 These materials should just be lying around your house:
-2 normal sized paper clips
-2 mini Binder clips
-Tissues (or anything soft you are willing to cut up

Step 2: Bend Out the End of the Paper Clip

Follow the picture 

Step 3: Bend the Part That Is Sticking Out to the Side in Half

 The second time you do this, bend it the other way

Step 4: Clip the Binder Clip on to the Main Part of the Paper Clip

 Follow the picture

Step 5: Redo Steps 1-4 Until You Have 2

 make sure they aren't bent different ways on step 3

Step 6: Put on Your PSP!

 put it on gently or the stand may fall over.

Step 7: *OPTIONAL* Add Padding

Now if your afraid of scratching the PSP (like me), you may want to add some padding.  You can do this by folding a tissue until it gets small enough to fold over each half of the stand.



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    5 Discussions

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    WOOT little big planet came out! too bad i'm broke and don't have much memory left

    More like PSP "Joke"...
    Completely un-hackable and moddable.  Egh.
    Cool stand.