How to Make a PVC C and PVC D



This is how you make this

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Step 1: Gather Materials for PVC C

1. 4 45 degree PVC Pieces
2. 5 3 inch PVC pieces

Step 2: Assemble the C

Attach the 3 inch PVC pipe to the elbow pieces then move the pipes and elbows into the corresponding spot in the shape of a C

Step 3: Finished C Product

Then you have a C!

Step 4: Gather Materials for PVC D

1.1 13 inch PVC pipe
2. 5 5inch PVC pipes
3. 2 90 degree PVC elbow pieces
4. 4 45 degree PVC pipes

Step 5: Assemble the D

Attach the 90 degree pieces to both ends of the 13 inch PVC pipe, then place the 5 inch pipe on the other elbow slot and proceed to attach the opposite end to the 45 degree elbow piece. Keep doing this till the D is complete.

Step 6: Finished D Product

Then you have a D

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