How to Make a PVC Chair

We are going to sow you haw to make a chair out of pvc pipe.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

First you want to gather all your materials. the materials you need are pvc pipe, pvc connecters, measuring tape,  a pipe cutter, and a hammer.

Step 2: Measure Pvc Pipe

After you gather all your materials you want to get all your measurements using measuring tape  for your pvc pipe.

Step 3: Cut the Pvc Pipe

Now that you have all your measurements now cut out the lengths of your pvc pipe with pipe cutters so you can begin to build the chair.

Step 4: Begin Building

you should now begin building your your chair now that your pvc pipe has it's correct measurements.

Step 5: Making Frame

When you begin building you should start from the bottom by attaching the pvc pipe to the pvc connectors.

Step 6: Adding the Legs

You should then begin to add the legs on to your chair.

Step 7: Make the Seat

Once you have attached your legs you should then add on the seat. You should add three pieces of pvc pipe in the middle to make the seat more comfortable to sit in.

Step 8: Add Arm Rest

Next add arm rests to your chair.

Step 9: Add Back Rest

to complete your chair you should add the back rest. when making the back rest you should also add three pieces of pvc pipe for extra comfort.

Step 10: Stablizing Chair

Once you have done the back rest you now want to get your hammer and make sue that your chair is stable enough to sit in.

Step 11: Final Product

Your chair is finally complete and ready for you to sit in.

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    do u have the materials and cutting size of this pvc chair