How to Make a Paper Rocket That Shoots - Mini Paper Rocket Launcher

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In this video we show you a Small Paper Rocket that anyone can make, even kids.
All you need is a straw, two post-it notes, scissors, and tape.
This is a super easy paper rocket which can be made at home, at work, and even at school. It is a great way to tag others across the office, or just keep the kids entertained for hours. And since it is just paper, there is little chance of damage or injury.
This would also make a great project for Boy Scouts or any after school program.
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    1 year ago

    1: Dude. It is impossible to be perfect. 2: Areodynamics has some leeway. All paper planes are imperfect but they still fly. this isn't different. 3: THIS THING IS AWESOME! Keep making instructables like this, @SpecificLove