How to Make a Pastry Board

I first saw this type of board in wood magazine many years ago. Issue 147 March of 2003. While I really did not follow the plan per say I did use elements of it and proper credit where credit is due. I actually do use the template they provide for the layout of the dowels glued into the face of the board to represent the different diameter circles for rolling out different sizes of dough, etc.

This project is made form maple for the board and cherry for the end caps on the board. I truly enjoyed this project and I know my wife will enjoy using it in our home.



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    6 months ago

    Nice board but not much in the way of dimensions. Paid for the downlpad and it was basically a picture of the board.


    3 years ago

    Beautiful work! My Dad made one similar for my Mom back in the 70's. Now I wish I had it.

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