How to Make a Pocket Sized AIR CANNON!




you can buy one of the big air cannons or you can build this.

*sorry I needed to use paint. camera was being dumb.

Step 1: Materials

this is basically all you need.

A toilet paper tube
rubber band/s

Step 2: Cutting the Balloon

cut where the dotted lines are.
save the top and middle section.

Step 3: Making.

stretch the top of the balloon over the tube and fasten with the rubber band/s

Step 4: Making.

now take the bottom half and repeat step 3

Step 5: DONE!

now it is done!
  • I once again apologize for the pic problem. I will update the 'ible when the camera starts working again.

now to use it you just need to pinch the balloon (not the hole side) pull. Aim. Fire! :P
once you use it enough times the balloon will wrap on itself, thus creating a good handle.

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    lol, before i saw this article, one of the friends in school started making them and then its moving on to the whole class.... its a pretty creative to make when your bored and looking for some fun. oh yeah and these have alot of power, you could poke someones eye and damage it badly when using it, careful people.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    the way I made it would be a good couple feet. If I had better materials I could make It go farther. If you want to tweak anything let me know!


    Useually at the bottom of the page there will be a (c) symbol if you see one of of those it is Copywrited or if there is a copywrite on the picture


    9 years ago on Introduction

    if your camera is being crazy, buy a new one. a 5$ webcam is even better than paint..