How to Make a PowerPoint Shooting Gun

Introduction: How to Make a PowerPoint Shooting Gun

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Wanna make a gun presentation? Then check this out!

Step 1: Making the Gun

Make 2 stacked squares for a gun. This will be your gun. You can make it as a bazooka, machine gun, etc. but I use pistol

Step 2: Making the Trigger

Make a box that says shoot. Here's how to:
1) Make a rectangle.
2) Right click it.
3) Select "edit text".
4) Type shoot.

Step 3: Making the Bullet

Make a bullet. My bullet is a yellow circle. It can be a person's head if you want to.

Step 4: Custom Animation

Here's how to:
1) Go to "animations".
2) Click custom animation.

Step 5: The Gun's Direction

Here's how to:
1) Click the bullet you made in step 3.
2) Click "add effects" to box that popped up.
3) Select: 
Motion paths >Draw motion path >Line
4)Draw where the bullet goes.

Step 6: Make the "shoot" Button Work

Here's how to:
1) Click the animation in the custom animation list.
2) Right click it.
3) Select timing.
4) A box will pop up. Select "triggers".
5) Select the trigger you should use.

Step 7: Hide That Bullet

To hide it, right click the horizontal rectangle you made in step 1 and "select bring to front" and drag your bullet to the horizontal rectangle. Done!

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