How to Make a SPY PEN TASER


How to make a SPY PEN TASER?

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Step 1: In This Video I Will Tell You How to Make a Spy Electric Shock Pen!

Step 2: With the Help of Spy Electric Shock Pen You Can Play a Trick on Your Friend at School or Work.

Spy electric shock pen is not dangerous, however you can do a nice trick using this spy electric shock pen!

Don't give spy electric shock pen to your teacher! Good luck!

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    Jack A Lopezwinneremerald12

    Answer 1 year ago

    It is one of those piezo sparker modules, built into the body of a pen.

    When your thumb pushes the plunger at the top of the pen, this actuates a spring-loaded hammer, which hits a piezoelectric crystal, which produces a brief, high-voltage pulse.

    This module is the same as the kind that makes a spark for some kinds of gas lighters. In fact, that's usually the cheapest place to get the module; i.e. just take one out of a barbecue lighter.

    Compare to this instructable, which is pretty much the same thing,


    3 years ago

    Videos belong on You Tube. Just a personal preference and opinion.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Hey, can u share "How to make an INVISIBLE INK SPY PEN"