How to Make a Scary Scarecrow Mask (With Moveable Jaw)




This is my first instructable so bare with me please. Ill do my best to explain each step carefully and I hope this gives some people ideas or inspiration for other things.

Step 1: Get Some Materials.

For this Mask I simply used things i actually had around the house.

- Sheet of Bristol Board (Or cardstock)
- Yellow construction paper
- Duct Tape
- Scissors
- Burlap (I have a whole bunch of this stuff that ive been using over and over for decorating during Halloween, Lots of people use it to cover up trees in the winter, Have a look around, shouldnt be difficult to get some)
- Hot Glue gun
-Thumb Tacks

Read through the instructable. Maybe you can substitute something for something else you might find better.

Step 2:

I started off with a used sheet of bristol board, drew a rough sketch of a skull like face (my choice). and cut out a separate Jaw to make it moveable. Also a bottom piece of the jaw to attach and tape up. After cutting holes for eyes i fit the mask around me head and taped it up to fit.
The top portion of head i cut slits down and close to the head straps and while fitting it on my head again, taped the middle strip back to the head strap.

Step 3:

With the mask still on i started taping and cutting the strips if they needed to be shorter or not. I also made sure the jaw piece fit nicely and tapes it up as well.
I also rounded the edges on the jaw piece (On the parts that will connect to the face)
I then tried the jaw piece and the mask on. And made marks on the mask where the jaw piece was comfortable. and stuck a thumb tack through to allow the jaw to open and close, Bent the tips with some pliers to hold and taped it down on one side.
Try it on and move your mouth around a bit see if the jaw follows. If its good enough then keep going. You can always adjust it a bit as theyre just small pin pricks in the mask.
Make sure top of the mouth fits over the bottom Jaw.

Step 4: TEETH

I chose to add teeth, and some facial features (You dont have to do this but i thought it added to the creepyness)

The teeth were actually quite simple once i thought of how to do them.
I tore a bunch of somewhat equal yellow construction paper squares.
Rolled/folded them lengthwise (With the tears) and taped the middle with a small piece of duct tape.
Then cut it in the middle and now had 2 teeth per square.

I took small duct tape strips and taped them to the upper and lower jaw of the mask making sure when the mouth closed they werent crushing each other.Then one long piece of tape to hold them snug into place

I had extra construction paper so i added some eyebrows and a nose to it. Looks more like a skull at the moment.

Step 5: Burlap

Get the glue gun ready.

Start with the bottom jaw and make sure to cover it good and to NOT glue the top portion of the mask to it.

Then when gluing the top you need to leave room under the burlap for the law to move. so be careful when gluing.
I was getting a little excited as i was doing this and forgot to take pics.
Hot glue edges and start forming the burlap over everything, take extra care with the face and simply pull the excess back and glue it to itself to make it tighter. The burlap i used i could actually see through quite well which was nice.

This is just the first of two burlap layers.(You could still see some tape through it)

When adding the second layer i paid more attention to the mouth details, pinching the burlap over the teeth giving it some depth.

finish gluing and forming the mask.

Step 6: Finishing Up.

Once your happy with how the mask looks try it on. Make note of where you can see the best from and mark that with a sharpie.
Take some scissors and carefully cut the top layer of burlap leaving the bottom one untouched. And color that bottom layer with the sharpie, being sure to get under that second layer.
Do the same for the other eye
Color in the nose as well if you wish.

Try the mask on and make sure you can see through it ok. If its all good then start pulling back the burlap and gluing it behind your head (With the mask off) trip any excess off that you need to.

And thats pretty much it!

Step 7: Final Touches.

I ended up making gloves as well which I lost the pictures of due to an iphone crash,
I simply got a cheap pair of black gloves and wrapped burlap around each finger, hot gluing it in place.
Then wrapped a longer piece around my forearm, wrist, and palm all in one shot, leaving it long enough to go past the base of my fingers.

I also decided to put a hat on him. Ended up gluing it on as the hat was a little too small.

Ive included a few finished pictures of what the costume looks like finished. But feel free to add your own twist to it! and enjoy!!!

And questions or comments are welcome!

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3 years ago

can't see details very well, but I made more of a ghost/ghoul mask. I'll probably keep it for next year, and make s full costume.


3 years ago

I'm going to try making this tomorrow!


3 years ago

Sick! How awesome is this? That thing gives me the creeps. Scarecrows and clowns, nothing good ever comes from jt. LOL Great Job!!!!

1 reply

3 years ago

I always wanted to do one of these when I was a kid, might make one if I can get my hands on the burlap. But I'll probably make the mask out of foam rather than paper project for next year.


3 years ago

I would like to add the photo does not do the mask justice, it looks much better in a bigger photo!! :)


3 years ago

What a Brilliant idea

The Rob

4 years ago on Introduction

I'm definitely loving the design and the simplicity of it, I'm going to take a crack at it very soon and maybe I'll share the results.

Monster Mark

4 years ago

Love seeing all the different takes on this! Glad people are using the instructable still :) thanks for the positive vibes people! Keep up the creepy work!!


4 years ago on Step 7

Is anyone else creeped out by the 'orb' in the finished pic?? lol What?????

1 reply

5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the inspiration! My son helped me make his mask, here he is modelling it the night before Halloween:


5 years ago

Loved this instruction. I made myself a hat too. Thanks again!

13, 12:40 AM.jpg

5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the instruction !

Here is my type of the Scarecrow


6 years ago on Introduction

Awesome dude! really cool! now all you gotta do is just sit in a chair with a bowl of candy real still, then when the kids grab their candy start moving and freak them out! :D