How to Make a Shlong Board Deck

Introduction: How to Make a Shlong Board Deck

This is a step-by-step instructional guide to making a simple 7 layer "Shlong" board deck or 27" Long Board deck.Materials Needed:

-"Google Sketch-up" or similar CAD program

-Ply Wood: 1/4" X2......1'6"X5

-Skill Saw

-Jig Saw

-Sand Paper

-Wood Glue

-Air Compressor

Optional but helpful:

-Large Ruler


-Dark Pen

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Step 1: Draw Out Your Board

1)Draw out your board on "Google Sketch-up" or a similar CAD program. 2)Print out your sketch3)Cut out sketch with inch boarder ( Will trim later)

Step 2: From Paper to Wood

4) Now you must transfer your paper cut out onto the ply wood sheets.****Do this for all 7 sheets of ply wood****

Step 3: Cut the Wood

5) Get your hands on a skill saw. ****One could use other types of saws however this one seemed to be easiest for this situation****6)Carefully cut out each individual layer of your soon to be board****DO NOT CUT ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME****

Step 4: The Mold

Now that your wood is ready......

How to Prepare your boards mold:7) Depending on the curves wanted per board, everyone's' mold will be different. 8) Use sand paper or an electric sander to trim down the mold to your specific desired trim.

***If you desire a kick tail, this is where you make that happen***

Step 5: Use Some Elbow Grease

****You are going to have to use a lot of energy and power into creating your mold. You want to use enough force to slowly grind down the purple material however not rip it up. You want the mold to keep its general shape symmetrical. ****

Step 6: GLUE!

Using your Wood Glue:

9)The order of the ply wood sheets goes: 1/6", 1/6", 1/4", 1/6", 1/4", 1/6", 1/6".10)Spread a thin layer of glue on every layer of wood.

****Can use a roller to spread glue to all edges of every layer****

11) Stack sheets in appropriate order and prepare to place into air compressor.

Step 7: Air Compression

12) Put mold into air compressor

****If your doing 2 boards at once, go back to back****

13) Seal air lock on air compressing pouch

14) Turn on air compressor and allow to sit for 24 hours.

Step 8:

15) Trim and Sand down the sides of your board and enjoy riding it....after you drill some holes and install some trucks and wheels that is.

Enjoy :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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