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The room that I study in recieves the precious heart warming Golden bright shining rays from the sun but when it's past 11 I feel that it's 7 in the evening and this fills me with Drowsiness, I Try to remove the hands of dark from my study room by switching on three 22 watt CFL's which seem like fireflies because the ceiling is a bit higher and the electricity isn't so powerful to light these to their maximum luminous output. So, what's the solution, Living in a place where finding LED's is so difficult, not having the components to make one, but having a lot of junk in the house and a bit of mathematical support, I Found that an old 2 pin mobile charger whose both input pins were broken and I don't know why it was lying in the junk stack, was giving me enough current and voltage to light up an old LED plate which I got from a broken Chinese emergency light, These 2 things plus an old cardboard container and a bit of wire made my day!, Now it's been near 6 months from when I built it and operate it regularly for about 4 - 12 hours without any problems. Are you Bored... Don't leave this page for whatever... OK...OK, Let me start the Instructable Now

Step 1: Materials Required

  • More than 10 LED's Soldered onto a PCB

I don't have the skill nor the materials to do so and I found one such prefabricated but you aren't necessarily bound to find one, you may be able to make one. I got an LED panel from old chinese emergency light and it is with a reflector.

  • An old Mobile Charger with >=6V and <1A DC output rating.

It should be atleast in the working condition.

Mine is a 5V 700 mAh DC output charger and I re-paired it's broken pins

  • Some desired length of wire

I have about 12 feet (=3.6576 meters, thanks google!)

  • Preferably a switch would be good

I had a toggle switch from a 1980's TV video game's power button.

Now we are ready to process these into a good Table Light. Let's move...

Step 2: Make the Circuit

Check the circuit diagram and join the components according to it (No forcing!)

Check the pin connections correctly either using a multimeter or a LED, and join positive to positive and negative to negative. Doing it the wrong way MAY (not the month!) damage the components.

Step 3: Now Using Your Respective Creativity;

Make a Beautiful/Elegant/Cool or even Hybrid if you like stand for the circuit you just made, with whatever materials you like.

I prefer durability so I made mine using stiffened cardboard (I got it from the packing of something I don't remember)

but it's not so cool elegant beautiful or even hybrid but a simple one!.

Step 4: Now It's Done; Use It, It's Yours Now

Now it's done it should be working, if it's not, just ask; if not me but someone will definitely help out.

A very simple Table Lamp using reused components and working on low power.

UPDATE; I had made a bike light which operated on non rechargeable cells, I modified it to work on chargeable cells, The chargeable cell has a charge regulator circuit with it. (In the pictures it's covered in Red Tape : Waterproofing)

I modified the above table lamp to work as both phone charger, bike light charger and a table lamp, of course I don't operate them all at the same time.

see the pictures on flower carpet for modified circuit diagram and pictures;

I use the charger output pin and an old nokia pin to charge my Nokia N-95 8GB, as the charger is compatible for this phone.

I Tested the system while operating all three things, Charging of phone got very slow, Charging of bike Light got Very Slow but light output was still quiet Okay. I advise for this circuit using just 2 simultaneous operations at a time, to avoid lags and any other side effects.

NOTE! Diodes are there so that if you forget unplugging the battery and you unplug the charger from wall socket, and leave the table light on, to prevent the battery from discharging into the table light circuit.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    de- rating is always good. and your plant project is simply superb!
    are you from India?

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I'm from India

    But which plant project are you referring to, I didn't create one?

    Still, Thanks for increasing my knowledge a bit more.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Even I'm from India,

    Heres something you maybe interested in-


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Lovely desing and and power efficient.

    Please refrain from using stupid 5mm LED as they're known to fade very fast and I learnt the hard way. Switch to 1W or high power LEd and you're golden

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the complement :)

    But these LED's before being in my table light have been in use (when they were in an emergency light) for around 2 years regularly cause we have power outages here, and then the battery of the emergency light died and now its been about 7 months regular usage and LED's have dimmed indistinguishably and are still performing good.

    Also here I am supplying these LED's less current than the peak current that they can handle, may be just 60% increasing their life sharply as they don't suffer heat damage or stress due to long duration operation.