How to Make a Skype Phone ? PHONE HACK !


In today's video I will show you how to make a Skype phone at home almost free of charge!

Step 1: Hand Made Skype Phone.

Hand made Skype phone will help you if you got no microphone and headphones, but you have to speak on Skype immediately. It is very easy to make a hand made Skype phone, the main thing is that you can do it with old unnecessary things at home (almost free of charge). The needed things are: old home phone, telephone socket which could have remained, and of course a few jack plugs of 3,5 mm remained from broken headphones.

Make a Skype phone (headset) on your own from old unnecessary things. Don't waist money on cheap microphones of poor quality! If you liked my idea, you may thank with: - Like - Repost in social networks - I really-really made efforts!!!



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