How to Make a Sneaky Pen Launcher

And what in the world is a Sneaky Pen Rocket? A SPR is exactly what it sound like; It looks like a pen, it smells like a pen, so therefore it must be a pen, right? WRONG! It's really a rocket launcher in disguise! All you need to do is to follow these seven easy steps and then you just aim and press down to fire! All just for 9.99 free!

This instructables teaches you how to make something that shoots something else at high speeds, I am not responsible for any injuries and/or very angry hamsters

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • A pen like this
  • Some dexterity (not shown)
  • Your hand (not shown)

Step 2: Taking Apart

Take apart the pen into the parts shown.

Step 3: Building the Ramrod

Follow the pictures...

Step 4: Fitting the Trigger to the Projectile

Follow the pictures....again....

Step 5: Putting Together the Holder and the End Cap

Make sure the Ramrod Holder doesn't slip back into the End Cap.
Follow the pictures as before...

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Step 7: DONE!!

See highlights on how to fire...

Sometime I will publish version 1, which is sneakier (It can even write!) but doesn't shoot as far. 
When I do I'll put the link here:
(link will be here)

Good bye
and beware of angry hamsters ;)




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