How to Make a Solar Backpack




About: I am a 14 year old teenager with avid interest in the field of electronics, especially solar electronics and optoelectronics. I feel comfortable working with the latest microelectronics, Arduino being my fav...

Last year , i was trekking in the mountains and was surprised by the lack of electricity. Although there was an abundance of sunlight during the day, all lighting there during the evenings/night was with oil lamps which not only smoky but provided very little light. Vowing to return next year better prepared,  i made a solar backpack. It can be also used to power widgets such as the arduino, raspberry pi, etc.  Here are the features:

Can charge upto 6 mobile phones at one time!
140 lumen high power led lighting
27wh high capacity battery
Modular Design for expansion

To find out how to make it and for or more info, visit my website



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I seen a flexible solar panel on the Radio Shack website. Doesn't kick as much juice but its an idea if you want to embed one to a backpack.

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