How to Make a Spartan Race Spear

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Intro: How to Make a Spartan Race Spear

The Spartan Race spear throw is easy. Unless you miss. Dammit. Now it’s hard. Because, well, burpees.

And the best defense against burpees: Practice. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. So here’s how I made a Spartan Race spear.

Step 1: Materials

  • Ames TrueTemper replacement handle for rakes and other garden implements
  • An angle grinder and metal-cutting wheel. *Please note, a grinder is a tool that means business. Be careful.*
  • JB weld
  • 40-Penny nail
  • Impact driver / drill

Step 2: The How-To

The body of the spear is an Ames TrueTemper replacement handle for rakes and other garden implements. The business end is a 40-penny nail. Each item easily available at most home centers.

  • Cut the head off the nail. I used an angle grinder and metal-cutting wheel for this. Please note, a grinder is a tool that means business. Be careful.
  • Drill the hole in the handle a little deeper with a drill bit the same diameter as the nail.
  • Fill the hole with epoxy. I used JB Weld, which is crazy-easy-to-use and sets-up-like-iron. See below.
  • Slide the nail into the hole blunt side first and give it a tap or two to seat it in the pilot hole, drilled above. Don’t force it. I changed the cutting wheel on the grinder to a grinding wheel and used it to round off or taper the top of the nail before installing it.
  • Wait for the epoxy to cure. JB Weld says 5-minutes on the package but I gave it an hour. And when I missed the hay bale, my Spartan Race spear stuck into our obstacle race training wall. BAM!
  • Throw. Repeat. Beat the burpees and brain game.

Note: I modified this Spartan Race spear from a different design. After throwing my spear over a hundred times straight into 1/2-inch plywood—no hay—the nail is a solid as the first throw.

Step 3: Video

Now practice throwing your spear so you can nail it ever time!



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2 Discussions

cheap survivor2

2 years ago

I ran the 2016 spartan race the spears were very off set


2 years ago

I made a throwing Spear from Home Depot after throwing it over 600 times I went participated in the Dallas Spartan Beast and realized theirs is much wider in circumference and weight and didn't float like the one a made. I would suggest a Heavy Duty handle like a Link Cotton rake handle.