How to Make a Sphero Keepon

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I will show you how to make a my keepon robot with a sphero, and other things around the house.
You can use other materials to make it if you want!

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need a sphero, putty, clay, or anything that can be made into a semi sphere, paper, black paper, scissors, glue(optional)
and some foam (pompoms may work as well)

Step 2: Step 1

Cut the foam!

Step 3: Step 2

Shape the putty, or clay into a semi sphere so it will fit on top of sphero!
then put the foam inside!

Step 4: Step 3

Put the putty on top of sphero!

Step 5: Step 4

Cut the white paper into little circles

Step 6: Step 5

Cut the black paper into little circles as well!

Step 7: Step 6

Take a tiny bit of clay or putty and stick it onto the black circles

Step 8: Step 7

Stick them on!

Step 9: Step 8

Decorate! use anything you want! 

Step 10: Step 9

Now it gets to the hard bit. Get the macrolab app from google play or appstore

then use the spin in place program to make your sphero keepon spin. 
or program yourself to make your sphero keepon to do even more cool tricks...
(sphero keepon cannot actually listen to music, it just looks like a my keepon)
you'e done!



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