How to Make a Strapless Jumpsuit




Introduction: How to Make a Strapless Jumpsuit

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This really cute jumpsuit, is a must have! Is a comfortable design to wear and also very flattering to any figure, you can combine it with ballerina shoes or high heels.

You will need.
Fabric: for this design you can use jersey, scissors, pins, sewing machine, elastic band, chalk.

Step 1: First Step

Picture #1: Fold the fabric like you can see in the picture.

Picture #2: Pin the fabric together.

Picture #3: With a pair of pants, that fits you well,  mark the shape of it.

Picture #4: repite lo mismo, necesitas dos.

Picture #5: once you have mark on the fabric, cut the excedent fabric.

Picture #6: with the pair you just cut, use it to mark and cut the other side.

Step 2: Second Step

Picture #7 and Picture #8: sew the inside of the pants

Picture #9 and Picture #10: Now pin this part and then sew.

Picture #11: Will look like this :)

Step 3: Third Step

Picture #12: now measure the fabric to make the top

Picture #13: Cut the excedent fabric

Picture #14: Pin the fabric and sew

Picture #15 and Picture #16: leaving a little of space, do a hem on the top.

Picture #17: Now sew the elastic to the pants.

Step 4: Fourth Step

Picture #18: after you sew the elastic, unite the top and pants.

Picture #19 and Picture #20: on the top cut a little, like the picture, this will be to adjust the top.

Picture #21: And you're done! :))

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    5 years ago

    Nice. .I tried it and it worked!