How to Make a Strawberry Clippie




Introduction: How to Make a Strawberry Clippie

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First choose your ribbon color.
I chose a red-pink'ish that has a satin'y sheen to it.
3/8" wide.
I dont measure anything. So, PLEASE dont ask!! I DUNNO!! I just 'do 'em

Step 1:

make a small loop, and add a dot of glue to secure.
I dont want to be the reason for your ER visit tonight!

Step 2:

keep wrapping to make loops, and secure with that dot of glue EACH time, in the SAME place!
Again, BE CAREFUL!!!
Dont make me mention the ER again.

Step 3:

Make as many loops as you desire. This one has 5.
Dont worry about that sloppy glue look. *this* is the BACK of your berry!
What? Don't see the 'berry'?
hmm. let's fix that.

Step 4:

Take the berry, and SQUEEEEEZE the bottom, and turn it upside down to make this shape.
you have to pinch REALLLLY hard!
That's right.
Let that berry HAVE IT!


Step 5:

Told you it would look like a strawberry!!!

Next, get a piece of coordinating green ribbon for the 'leaves'. Cut notches on the ends for a 'V', and SEAL THEM!
Either with a lighter (not too close!!)
OR, Fray Check. (this is what I used)
same thing. just stays wet a little longer. and I figured this berry's been through enuf.
poor thing.

Step 6:

There's that 'V' on the ends. See them?

Ok, glue the 'leaves' right smack in the middle.

Step 7:

Take summore of that green ribbon, put a TINY amount of glue in the middle, and glue it together as shown.

Open up the ends of it, and glue it (CAREFULLY!!!) to the top of the berry on the 'leaves'....

Step 8:

... Like this!
make sense?

Husband wouldnt help take pics.. so I was limited with one hand...

Step 9:

Here is Berry. In all his berry gloriness.
Cute, isn't it?

Step 10:

Next, find MORE coordinating ribbon to line your aligator clippie.

Oh, did you flip that berry over yet? Remember what I said about the ugly glued up side!
whatever. Just use the 'pretty' side ....

Step 11:

Let's line that puppy.
Partially lined, or fully lined.
I dont care. It's up to you.

Step 12:

NOW, put a TINY dab of HOT GLUE (its HOT! remember that!!!!) on the BACK (ugly) side of Berry.
And QUICKLY glue it in place on your lined clippie!!!

oooh, im excited!

Step 13:

Here it is all glued up!
isn't it CUUUTE?!
Now, time for some glamour shots ....

Step 14:

Side shot.
Sure is Purdy.

Step 15:

Top shot in case you forgot how to glue that 'stem' on.

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