How to Make a TCG

Introduction: How to Make a TCG

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In this Instructable, I will teach you how to make a TCG. A TCG is a Trading Card Game, like Pokèmon/Yu-Gi-Oh/BuddyFight, etc. My version is complex to make, and I haven't finished, but I know it will be fun! You need-

-Paper(Lots of it!)

-Looseleaf/Laptop or computer with typing program (for rules)

-Coloring utensils

-Cardboard, for playing mat (Optional, but recommended)

-An idea and some creativity!

-Tape (If you do rare cards)

-Construction paper(For the cards or their backs-OPTIONAL)

-Some small pouches/Ziploc baggies (For booster packs-OPTIONAL)

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BRAINSTORMING YOUR GAME- MUAHAHAHAHAHHA! Nah, just joking-but that is the first step. How would you make a TCG without an idea?

My idea was very complex, as mentioned earlier. The name is The Medieval Brawl, and it's just like it sounds: Medieval dudes having a brawl to protect a king with 100 HP. There are many different elements like fire, water, air, earth, crystal, emerald, giants(come with an element to make really rare!), tech, magma, undead, etc. Some elements like Emerald are SUPER RARE, others like undead Rare x2 and Iron, etc. are just Rares. The objective, as said earlier, is to annihilate the king w/ 100 damage inflicted to him. NO STEAL ME IDEA, ME'HARTY, OR ELSE YE WILL WALK THE THE PLANK. ARRRRRRRGH! (Don't copy ideas from real companies like Konami and Bushiroad or you can get sued if you sell the game!)

Step 2: Step 2-Creating Cards With Jeremy (MY NAME IS NOT JEREMY THOUGH) [important Step]

For this one, I made my cards by hand. If you know how to use online sites to your advantage, you can use them.

NOTE-You might want to create the rules first! Luckily you have looseleaf/a computer typing program!

Remember to create other things, like I made elements (mentioned on step 1) or rarity!


Step 1-Get a card, any card!

Step 2-With the papers you have, trace the card multiple times.

Step 3-Create the card layout on scrap paper.

Step 4-When you find your layout, mimic them on every card outline you traced.

Note-Remember, making warriors, etc. ONLY won't help! You need other gimmicks like spells and buffs.

Step 5-When you are done, cut them out.

Step 6-Make a insignia/design on the back of the card. (EX-Pokemon's symbol is a PokeBall and the Yu-gi-oh symbol is a vortex, etc.)

BONUS-If making rares, tape all over the specific card. It looks shiny. OOOOOOOHH!!! AHHHHHH!!!


See the Yu-Gi-Oh image above? This is their simple playing mat. You can make one with the cardboard! Just trace out the cards on the cardboard for a discard pile, deck, and whatever else you choose in pencil. Label them w/ pencil and trace in marker or something easy to see. Wa-La! An easy game mat. Gonna take you like, I don't know, 10 mins less? Done.

Step 4: OPTIONAL STEP 2:Booster Packs

Booster Packs are like what they sound like-they are backs that have booster cards. Sheesh. One sentence long.

To make one, decorate your pouch/baggie and put some extra cards in there. Specify how many cards are inside or people will think they got ripped off. If you want, you can even make deck baggies by just decorating a baggie and putting a deck in there. Done. Now 1,000,000 more to make. XD You can sell these for a reasonable price, or even sell them to a company and they can give you the credit! Just remember-DO NOT COPYRIGHT SOMETHING SIMILAR TO SOMETHING ALREADY COPYRIGHTED.

P.S if you want to see my cards, I am sorry but I can't show you-my computer is weird sometimes and also, I didn't finish my first card yet! I will try to make pics soon :D


:D Thanks for reading-please comment and support, follow, like etc. :D
This means a lot- especially since this is my first instructable :D

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