How to Make a Thanksgiving Place Card Holder



This Thanksgiving place card holder is the perfect table decoration for any fall feast. It is simple enough for children to complete, yet creative  enough for adults to enjoy. By the end of this craft, you will have a one of a kind place card holder that is perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

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Step 1: Materials

-One pipe cleaner
-3 different fall colored foam sheets
-1 ping pong size foam ball
-1 small clay pot
-Glue Gun and glue sticks 
-A pair of pencil eraser size googly eyes
-A pen
-A Ruler

Step 2: Drawing the Tail Feathers

1.Draw a dot 3.5 inches above the edge of foam 

2.Draw two dots .5 an inch apart at the bottom of the foam sheet below the first dot

Step 3: Cutting the Tail Feathers

1.Connect the dots with slightly curved lines to make a feather shape

2.Cut out feather*

3.Repeat 4 more times to have a total of 5 feathers 

*Caution: Scissors will be sharp

Step 4: Drawing the Wings

1.Draw an inch long line on a piece of foam

2.Place a dot half an inch away from the middle of the line

3.Draw a triangle by connecting the dots

4.Repeat steps 1-3 to make a second wing

Step 5: Cutting the Wings

1.Cut out triangles*

*Caution: Scissors will be sharp

Step 6: Drawing the Beak

1.Draw a .5 inch line on the yellow foam sheet

2.Place a dot a quarter of an inch away from the middle of the line (like the wings, but smaller)

3.Connect the dots to make a triangle

Step 7: Cutting the Beak

1.Cut out the triangle*

2.Fold the beak from any 2 corners

*Caution:  Scissors will be sharp

Step 8: Attaching the Tail Feathers

1.Flip pot over

2.Place a dot of glue at the end of one tail feather*

3.Attach the foam along the rim of the pot making sure that any pencil marks face the outside of the pot

4.Repeat for the remaining tail feathers

* Caution: Avoid direct contact with hot glue

Step 9: Attaching the Wings

1.Apply glue to the long edge of each triangle

2.Attach one triangle to each side of the pot

*Caution: Avoid direct contact with hot glue

Step 10: Preparing the Pipe Cleaner (1)

1.Fold one pipe cleaner in half

2.Cut along the fold*

*Caution: Scissors will be sharp

Step 11: Preparing the Pipe Cleaner (2)

1.Tie a knot 1 inch from one end of the pipe cleaner

2.Push pipe cleaner from the inside of the pot to the outside

3.Twist pipe cleaner around finger*

*Caution: Cut pipe cleaner will be sharp

Step 12: Creating the Name Tag

1.Cut a 2 by 1 inch paper rectangle

2.Write name on paper rectangle

3.Glue the name tag to visible part of the pipe cleaner*

*Caution: Avoid direct contact with hot glue

Step 13: Making the Face

1.Glue triangle for beak to the bottom half of the foam ball*

*Caution: Avoid direct contact with hot glue

Step 14: Attaching Eyes to Head

1.Glue 2 googly eyes to the top half of the foam ball*

*Caution: Avoid direct contact with hot glue

Step 15: Completing the Place Card Holder

1.Glue face to top of pot*

*Caution: Avoid direct contact with hot glue

Step 16: Enjoy Your Place Card Holder!

-Make sure to show off your craft by using it at any fall meal!

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