How to Make Grilled Cheese




About: hi. My name is Hüseyin and live in Turkey.

Do you need something that tasty and enjoyable and easy to do for Breakfast? Well that recipe is for you!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

In this recipe you will need;

2 Toast Breads

A Toast Machine

Cheese (you can use any kind of cheese that melts good when its heated, i usually use mozzarella or kaşar.)


Bacon* (Wurst or Sucuk is okay), Sausage*, Salami*, Olive*, Tomato*... Anything you want. You can add nearly everything that cookable.

* = Optional

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients

You should slice your bacon and cheese (and other things if you used like tomato olive etc.) in to little pieces

Step 3: Butter Your Toasts Front Surfaces

You dont have to do this or you can do this later when you finished cooking it but if you do it now your toast will be softer and tastier than unbuttered ones

Step 4: Order and Cook It!

Now you must be put all the Ingredients between your Toasts and cook it like 5-6 minutes. Be careful and dont put so much cheese because if you do that cheese will catch from the Toast when it melts.

Step 5: Finish

Finished. Now you can eat your delicious Grilled Cheese. If you want you can eat it with ketchup and other sauces.



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