How to Make a Totoro Dust Bunny Chain




Introduction: How to Make a Totoro Dust Bunny Chain

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Hello! In this instructable, i will be showing everyone how to make a totoro dust bunny chain. The ones that i found online were pretty expensive for a chain, so i decided to make my own!

FYI on Totoro dust bunnies:
These little critters are from a movie called My Neighbor Totoro. In the movie, these dust bunnies were originally called "Makkuro Kurosuke" or directly translated as " Pitch-black Blackie". According to an elderly lady in the movie, they were also called "Susuwatari" or " Traveling Soot". These dust bunnies were perfectly harmless and liked to live in places where there where not a lot of people. These dust bunnies are also incredibly cute.

Now that you know what these are, let's get started!!!

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Step 1: Materials

For one to be able to make an appealing dust bunny you must need:

- Pom Pom Balls of the color black ( then again if you wish to make a multi-colored one, no one's stopping you )

- Scissors ( fabric scissors are best )

- Hot Glue Gun ( with Hot Glue Gun sticks )

- Black Marker ( dry-erase, sharpie...etc..)

-Some sort of string-like attachment ( the one i used was found in a salvation from the mess i call my room )

- hoomin ( Homo sapiens sapiens )

-felt ( white preferably )

Step 2: Making and Glueing the Eyes

In this step, you cut out the dust bunny's eyes ( no, your not going to rip someone's eye out, your gonna cut it from the felt).

Take the white felt and cut out two circles

Next, take your black marker and make two dots so that when you put then next to each other, they look cross-eyed

After you make the eyes, take a hot glue gun and glue it onto the black pom pom ball.

Now, congrats, you have make a totoro dust bunny!!!


- Try to make the eyes the same size

- Make sure that the circles are able to fit on the dust bunnies without taking up too much space

- They should look like eyes, not sunglasses

- When your draw the dots, try to make then noticeable, but not too big

- When applying the glue, make sure that the glue can be squeezed out easily

Step 3: Making the Chain

When your making your chain you have to ask yourself how many dust bunnies you want floating around. if you want more than one, you will have to repeat the process and make more.

For me, i decided to make two.

After you've decided on the number , you have to make the chain.

Once you've found your string thing ( or what you decided to attach the dust bunny to ) all you have to do is glue the dust bunnies on to the attachment.

Its best if you attach it on the back of the dust bunny so you can cover it up easier later.

Step 4: Covering It Up

After you've attached the dust bunnies to the string thing, you have to cover it up.

To do this, you have to cut a pom pom in half. Then, you have to take half of the pom pom and glue it onto the back of the dust bunny and cover up the attachment.

If the pom pom falls apart ( as in not attached and turns into little strings ) its ok because you just need to glue it onto the back of the dust bunny. If all goes well, the half pom pom should be able to cover the attachment and it should seem like it came up from the middle of the pom pom.


You have officially finished this instructable and if your dust bunny came out ok, then go congratulate yourself with a cup of tea.
Everything else is up to your imagination!
Say if you wanted to make it a key-chain or something like that.

Hope it came out nicely!

PS: if you see these weird green time things on the pictures, its my camera's fault ( its old and it always gets the times mixed up... -_-;; )

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    Reply 3 years ago

    You're right! They're also in that movie. They're in both. : )


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Loved the movie,Love the "bunnies". I thought they were little coal pieces in the movie. Made my Grandaughter into "Calcifer" from Howls Moving Castle for Halloween and these would have been a cute additiion to her costume! Great Idea!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    That's cute! They would make a good cell phone charm.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    So cute!!! I'm definitely going to make some when i get the chance!!! :D