How to Make a Turtle Pencil Bag !!!

Introduction: How to Make a Turtle Pencil Bag !!!

*******How to make a Turtle Pencil Bag for someone special !!!******

Short on money after the holidays. Well this is great way to show how much you care about them.

This cute pencil bag is a great way to show someone how much your care about them without costing you an arm and a leg.

This type of gift is something a person would probably use everyday.

Whenever this person uses this bag the person will think of you.

Too many people to give gifts to. --> short on cash.  This project will cost you under $ 2


- I'm not a professional on sewing garments or small projects.  However I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
- Please excuse me  if  I use wrong terms to describe how to sew certain areas.
- there are probably other methods or faster methods in sewing this small project
-there are probably more correct ways to sew this but this is how i made this small turtle bag.
- please excuse my English and grammar if i used wrong English

* I hope you will view this tutorial and enjoy it *

Step 1: Materials ( the Body)

Material needed:

* Glue gun
* 3 pieces of felt (9x12 in) (brown, green, ivory)
* 7in zipper
* 2 button for eyes
* cotton balls to fill head
* sewing machine/ sewing by hand is possible

First a body must be made for the turtle

+ using the ivory felt cutting the felt in half (9x12)--> 2 pieces of (6x9)
+Hard part: Using the ivory color felt a bag must be made using a zipper as closure.
+insert/ Sew in the zipper

Step 2: Step 2

step 2

-sew along the edges to make a bag be care not to sew over zippers

Step 3: Step 3

step 3

=sew a perpendicular or line across  to make a rectangular shaped bottom for the bag.
= do this to both side for the bottom of the bag.

Step 4: Completed Body (Final Step)

completed body (Final Step)
- Flip inside out!!

Step 5: Finished Body for the Turtle.

finished body for the turtle. (hard part over!!! :)  )

= Now it's time to make it  look like a turtle --> easy part.

Step 6: Legs/ Head/ Shell (step 1)

 step 1

-cut out all the pieces to make the turtle
-you can use the stencil i provided or you can freehand draw it yourself . :)

this includes

2 pieces to make a  make a head
2 front legs
2 back legs
2 shells ( one for top , one for bottom)

Step 7: Step 2

step 2

- sew 2 cut of head together and flip inside out and stuff with cotton balls or some of that stuff they put in pillows.
- glue gun 2 button to make the eyes

Step 8: Step 3

step 3

- glue all legs and head onto the bottom shell using a glue gun.
-glue the bottom of the bag/body of the turtle onto the bottom shell also .

Step 9: Step 4

step 4

- cut the top shell in half and glue gun along the zipper.
-make sure the shell is attached to top of the bag.

Step 10: Finished!! Adding a Few Touch Ups!!!

project cost:

3 pieces of felt- Joann's  $1.00
1 zipper .25 cents


add some patterns onto the turtle shell
+personalize the turtle sign inside the bag so whenever a person opens the bag to get a pen they will think of you. :)

Step 11: Some Other Pictures.

some other pictures...

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