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Introduction: How to Make a Twilight Shirt

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This is how to make a cheap, easy shirt that says either Team Edward or Team Jacob. If you cant draw, the patterns are readily available photo sharing websites.
This is my first instructable, so please excuse any mistakes.

Step 1: What Youll Need

Find, or buy, a white or light colored shirt, new or used, it doesnt matter. If its used, just make sure its clean.

Youll also need black sharpies. New sharpies work best. The older the sharpie, the harder youll have to press and pressing hard is difficult on a shirt.

DO NOT use red (or pinkish) sharpies. They will bleed on everything is the washer, including themselves.

Youll also need a piece of cardboard roughly the size of the shirt. They do make cardboard for this at craft stores, but for drawing on them in sharpies, a regular piece of cardboard works fine. I wouldnt suggest a pizza box, or anything else greasy.

Step 2: Getting Ready

Youll probably want to put the shirt on and mark the general area you want the design to be, but its not nessesary. For this use a pencil, not a pen. A pencil will wash out within a few washes, if not the first time.

Put the shirt over the piece of cardboard, as if you were dressing it.

Step 3:

FInd the design you want and trace, or draw, it. Make sure it is the size you want. Make sure the design is as dark as it can be. Fine details are hard to trace onto the shirt.

Put the paper copy of the design you want in between the shirt and the cardboard. Line it up exactly where you want it under the shirt and tape it down.

Step 4:

Trace the design onto the shirt in pencil.
Re-trace what is now on the shirt in a pen, or thin sharpie.
Fill in the areas

Any light lines will be hard to see and will require some free-handing.

Wash the shirt before you wear it, or else youll smell like the inside of a sharpie factory



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    26 Discussions

    I guess it could also work for a "Team Tyler's Van" shirt. Why did she have to survive that and go on for four. Whole. Books!? D:

    8 replies

    Dude, haters gonna hate. Don't let them get to you. I have 5 points:
    1: There is a lot of better writing out there
    2: There is also a lot of worse writing out there
    3: I have read the books, and I can say I was impressed with the concept, but not so much with the writing style.
    4: Capital letters and excessive use of punctuation are never solutions to problems
    5: Vampires do not sparkle

    Not a fan of Twilight, but I can totally make these for a couple friends who are big fans. Thanks for sharing!

    who'd want a twilight shirt?!?!? but it looks pretty good for sharpies hopefully it will still look the same after its been washed

    6 replies

    I would... Wait did I just say that out loud. No I don't wish I could be a vampire. Stop mocking me... haha.

    After the first wash it might bleed a bit, but after a couple of washes the bleeding is done and after about 6 months (or more, depending on how often its washed) it will fade and might need to simply be redrawn a bit. Still cheaper than a 20 dollars shirt, and completely customized! :D

    I've been looking for an informative instruction on how to make a shirt like this :)
    Thank you so much!
    The shirt looks so good(the one you made), hopefully mine looks as good! 

    i just realized the question i asked had already been asked, and answered, by someone else. sorry! these shirts look great, i've been looking for an instrucable like this for awhile.

    does the sharpie stay on after many washes? lovely instructable by the way. :D