Make a Simple, Lensless USB Microscope for Under $15




Introduction: Make a Simple, Lensless USB Microscope for Under $15

note : this is my first instructable so I'm sorry if things are a little messed up

Here I'm Gonna teach you how to make a simple USB Microscope for under $15

Step 1: What You Need???

1.any kind of Webcam, I used Labtec

2.something to test the Microscope(I used Eye cream but you can use whatever you want you)

Step 2: STEPS

Step 1. remove all the screws from the webcam

now you should see the circuit board and the lens

step2. remove all the screws on the back of the board that holds the Lens

now you should be able to see the sensitive glass CCD (Charged Coupled Device)

step3. put some Eye Cream on the CCD glass (Just a little bit )and gently rub it with a cotton all so it covers all the surface area.

step4. Plug In the USB Cable to Your Computer and Run the program for the webcam

Step 3: RESULT

now you should see The result

It's pretty nice and now you can record what you see

*CAUTION:Do not put water on the CCD glass Because it might fall into the board and burn it.

Have Fun and Enjoy



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    5 Discussions

    I want to be "positive and constructive" here: I don't see how you'll get a focused image with anything other than random luck.

    Hey, this is awesome. I'm a coin collector and sometimes it's hard to see the mint marks. I'm gonna build this and let it project the mint marks on my computer. great job!

    Is this useful for seeing things other than things smeared on the CCD which you can never really wash off for fear of destroying your "microscope?"

    1 reply