How to Make a USB Car

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Intro: How to Make a USB Car

Here's a great way to use a useless hot wheels. MAKE A USB

Step 1: Stuff

you need a hot wheels, an USB drive and a knife, a drill, a glue gun with glue, Electrical tape.

Step 2: Rip an USB Apart

find a cheap shitty USB, and take off the case.

Step 3: Ripping Open the Car and Assembly

drill the rivets of the car. then, remove the interior after removing the body. and glue the windows back in. then cut a hole in the ass, big enuf for the plug of the usb to fit out. then wrap the circuit board of the usb in electrical tape. glue it on to a block of wood and onto a part of the inside body of the car. shape the wood so it fits. make sure the glus goes on the tape part. the PLUG must fit out of the asshole you cut. ten glue the chassis onto the body, applying  glue on the drilled rivets on the body and the rivet holes on the chassis. DONE.

Step 4: The USB Car Is Done

use it. Perfect for a conference when someone far away needs a usb. roll the files to them in a car. other ideas: eraser (still usable), tech deck (still can fingerboard with it), you name it! You can also do it with a retractible USB, just harder.



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    7 years ago on Step 3

    You sated... ten glue the chassis onto the body I think you meant to say then rather than ten.


    1 reply

    7 years ago on Step 2

    the retractable ones work. all they do is slide on a track! I know i have one that I turned in to a Snap-on tools car drive. ={) (car drive hahaha)

    1 reply