How to Make a USB Youtube Controller

Introduction: How to Make a USB Youtube Controller

This is a simple youtube controller that "acts" like its pressing J, K or L

Step 1: What You Need

-A useless keyboard
- A soldering tool
-Hot Glue
- Magnifing glass ( recomended )

Step 2: Mapping the Keys

put the keyboard pcb oh top of the keyboard and draw the lines for JKL, with both of the keyboard's pcbs and sold wires for the corresponding pins of the keyboard controller (you can do this also to make a music controller or a game controller, its like the makey makey but lots harder). After you solder the wires, try sparking the wires that is alone to the other and see if that enters a key or do something

Step 3: Finding What Will Control These Keys

You can use an old Mp3 player, or if you get really creative, your mouse or anything with buttons, in my case i use an old pcb with buttons already on it to maje this.

Step 4: Put It in a Case

You can choose any case, i choose an old dvd rom but use anything you want

Step 5: Try It. and Get Creative

You can print the logos or just draw them.
Pro Tip: The buttons JKL on youtube will rewind pause and forward the video, but there are other keys like f will go fullscreen, and the up and down keys will control the volume
Thank you for viewing my first instructable, and also sorry for my poor english :)



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    4 Discussions

    Nice hack but why to destroy a functional keyboard when you can use Arduino Pro Micro as a HID device, make them more functional and ease to upgrade.

    1 reply

    I always love these keyboard hacking projects! You should post pictures of the PCB and soldered wires! Thanks for this cool project!

    Neat hack. Thanks for sharing!