How to Make a Valentine Scarf Bandana for Your Dog or Puppy

Introduction: How to Make a Valentine Scarf Bandana for Your Dog or Puppy

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Sewing Projects for Valentine's Day
...and they called it, "Puppy Luv."
(Thank you Gyspy for modeling Your Puppy Luv Bandanna for Us!)

 let's cut the fabric:
For small dogs cut a 14" square of fabric. Medium dogs need about a 22" square of fabric. Large dogs need about a 22" square of fabric, and for extra large dogs cut a 26" square.

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Step 1: Now Let's Have Fun Decorating Your Pup's Scarf!

This is where you can be as creative as you want! Cut up scraps of Valentine fabric & other fabrics into shapes or words. You can be creative and make your pup's bandanna to look or say what you want. I did three different hearts, and the words, "puppy luv." 

Step 2: Adding Your Fabric Decorations to the Pup's Scarf.

There are two methods you can use to add the fabric decorations, Zigzag appliqué, or heat bond can be used to put your art work on.

Before you attach the decorations make sure they are on the pretty side of 1/2 of the fabric square when it is shaped diagonally. Also make sure you only sew through ONE layer of fabric and not two.

Zigzag appliqué is stronger and will last longer than a heat bond, and that is what I suggest. Once the decorations are cut out, pin them in place and using a tight zig-zag stitch, sew very close around the outer edge of the decorations.

If you would like to use heatbond, follow the manufacturers directions.

Step 3:

Once all your art work is either sewed on or heat bonded on, fold the square in half diagonally with the fabric PRETTY SIDES together. Pin around the outer edge.

Stitch along the two sides where the raw edges are.  Leave a 3" or 4" opening for turning.

Step 4:

Turn the bandana pretty side out through the opening and press. Either top stitch around the outer edge using the pressure foot as your guide, or stitch pretty ribbon on the edge like I did.

Step 5: Finished:

Your "puppy luv" bandana for your dog is done!

If you do not want to tie it around your dogs neck then add Velcro to both tie end areas.

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To see lots of photos of handmade puppy and dog bandannas visit here:

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