How to Make a Valentine Marshmallow Bear Pop

Introduction: How to Make a Valentine Marshmallow Bear Pop


If you'd like to learn how to make a Valentine Bear Pop, you can watch this tutorial on my YouTube channel "SparkedIdeas" .

Here's the direct link:

This a great project to do with kids and the pop makes a nice Valentine's Day gift.

This is a list of things you'll need:
1 bag of regular size marshmallows
Pop sticks (6")
White Wilton Candy Melts (craft stores carry these)
Powdered sugar
For the eyes and mouth - Either a tube of Betty Crocker black gel or, if you want to make your own frosting "paint", then you'll need a bottle of black food coloring
A small paint brush (#3 in craft stores)
or a toothpick
Red food coloring for the inside of the ears
Coffee beans for the nose
Corn Candy for the ears
Paper towels and a tissue (convenient for wiping off hands or the frosting "paint" if you want to start over)
A a couple of ribbons

Here are some related links:
My blog:
My YouTube channel "SparkedIdeas" -
Twitter: Sparked Ideas
Facebook: Sparked Ideas

I'll be adding more videos soon!

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    I'm happy to hear that you like them Penolopy. I added a list of supplies so will my post be published now?