How to Make a Vuvuzela Cheap!

Introduction: How to Make a Vuvuzela Cheap!

Chances are if you watched the World Cup this year, you've heard Vuvuzelas. For those who didn't know, they are those loud horns that make a deafening sound. Apparently, they originated in South Africa but are popular all around the world. All of them combined in a stadium has been described as a swarm of bees. They have caused much controversy and many people hate them. However, I love them and had to have one. The cheapest I could get one for was about $12 shipped. That seemed a little pricey for a fragile piece of plastic. So I set out to build one from scratch at about half the cost. Also, this thing literally takes under 10 minutes to make with materials ready.

It's just great for annoying people. Neighbors, co-workers, family, even pets. You can use it to wake people up, startle them, anything you could imagine. The possibilities are endless. Even get friends and family to build some and you have yourself a vuvuzela army. Well then again you could use it for the intended purpose, blasting it at soccer games to support your team.

The great thing about this one is it is much more durable than other vuvuzelas. It won't break easily because the plastic isn't fragile. So if someone manages to hit or attempt to destroy your vuvuzela, they will have a tough time.

Now lets begin.

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Step 1: Materials

The whole cost of this project without tax is $6.77.
This instructable is incredibly easy as you only need two materials.

-One official Wiffle Ball bat. Comes with ball. $5.00 (Found at sporting goods stores like Dick's.)
*Note* You can also use a cheaper plastic baseball bat, but I prefer this one due to its shape and durability.

-One Blitz brand Super Funnel $1.77 (Found at Walmart but can also be obtained in any store that sells automotive accessories like Autozone.)

That is all! Except you need an exacto knife and a saw.

Added bonus!!! You won't need the actual wiffle ball for the project so now you get a free ball!

Step 2: Cutting

Take the rounded end of your wiffle ball bat. (that is the end opposite the handle)
Now measure approximately 8-10 inches from the end and mark it. Now cut that part off. Good.

Now take your super funnel. Cut the smaller end off so that the entire funnel is about 10"

The edges of both pieces will be a little rough so sand it down a bit.

Step 3: Making the Mouthpiece.

This is the hardest part (which really isn't too hard)

Take your hand and place your thumb onto the end of the bat's handle. There should be a small hole. Push downwards until the seams break a little from the hole and there is an indent. Don't push too far or you'll deform the plastic.

Now take your exacto knife and carve out a a hole maybe the size of a nickel. The sdes off the hole should bend inwards a bit. If the hole is a bit jagged like mine was, sand it down or it will hurt your lips.

Step 4: Assembly and Completion!

Now we must put our vuvuzela together! Basically you take your funnel and slide it into the bat. Wow that was difficult. And bam! You got yourself a vuvuzela! It's cheap, durable, and all the parts were made in the USA. It looks and sounds just like the real thing ( I compared it to an actual vuvuzela) Now paint it with your favorite team colors.

You don't need to glue the two pieces together. They should fit snugly. I like to take it apart for storage.

Wash out the insides as little plastic pieces from the cutting may reside there.
Also, you might want to wash the mouthpiece real well. You don't know where it has been.

Step 5: How to Play.

This is by far the most challenging part. Many people will have trouble getting that nice vuvuzela sound. It takes practice. But in time you will get it, whether it takes minutes, days, or months. (took me ten minutes) If you can't get sound it's not because you didn't make it right but because you are not playing it correctly.

If you play a brass instrument like a trumpet or trombone. You blow into the mouth piece like you normally would. If not, here is how.

You want to create a sort of buzzing sound. Move your top lip slightly over the bottom one and make a small gap in between the center of your lips. Now blow, you should be making a buzzing sound. Now apply this to the vuvuzela. Your top lip should touch the mouthpiece while your bottom lip and the lip gap should line up with or go into the hole. I've included a crude demonstration picture.

If you are stuck look up on youtube how to play a trumpet mouthpiece or something like that. Also, if anyone can contribute a better explanation please do!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    awesome! I can see how you can get confused on the last step, but I used to play trombone so it wasn't that tough. What you do is vibrate your lips, to that the air quickly flaps them into each other.

    This is awesome. So easy, quick, and cheap. Brilliant. I can't wait to get out to our local team's next match and annoy the hell out of some people. I think the only mod I'm going to make is to tape it up in athletic tape with our team's colors. I guess it could be painted if you sanded it first to rough up the surface a bit.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the compliments. I would paint mine, I just haven't gotten around to it. You don't need to sand it. Just find some spray paint made for adhering to plastics. Enjoy!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Here is my power vuvuzela: I used a cheap existing one with a traffic cone to boost! The lower part of the pic is the inside of the traffic cone, with the original vuvuzela trumpet horn inside it. As you might guess, I live in Holland...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! That thing must get pretty loud! And looks a bit heavy. Sorry to hear about their loss though. At least they made it as far as they did