How to Make a Wide Solomon Bar BELT




Introduction: How to Make a Wide Solomon Bar BELT

Hi there fellas, here Makos84 for a new tutorial ! I hope enjoy you all ;)

Today i'll show you how to create a Wide Solomon bar BELT. I want to specify that i made by myself this belt some days ago, and i use for this tutorial the remaining cord for explain how to tie the knots, with a different buckle.

You can see te real belt at the end pictures.

So let's do it!!!!

I want to remember that this kind of knot, especially for making a belt, it's very boring because you need to tie sooo much, especially for reach a length of a belt. So take patience and keep going. ;)

Let's Start !!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Paracord 550 white
  • Paracord 550 red


  • lighter
  • scissors
  • belt buckle
  • pliers
  • cutter
  • wood stick ( alternative to a paracord needle )
  • wood loom made for tie easy way the belt, with a wood board and two screws, simple as that !

Step 2: Buckle Cow Hitch Knot

So let's start to make a cow hitch on the buckle belt.

We need to make this for 3 times, because we need 3 cord to tie. 2 of the same color, and these need to put externally. Then we can put the buckle with the cord in the wood loom , for an easy work.

Step 3: The Wide Solomon Bar Knot ( Part 1 )

Ok now let's see how to make the Solomon bar knot.

I decide for the tutorial, to separate it a few part of the knot, for make the knot in a very easy and simple way to do.

So let's start to take the external right red cord and put it on top the side red one.

Then we take the withe center cord ( near the red one ), and put it too on top of the red cord, and insert it in the red loop on the right, and tie.

Same thing for the other side.

Here it is the video for making the knot ;)

Step 4: The Wide Solomon Bar Knot ( Part 2 )

In this case , need only to repeat the same process that we made in the part 1, but now we do it for the left side.

Step 5: The Wide Solomon Bar Knot ( Central Cross )

From now, till the end of the knot, we need to remember that, after we make the knot side to side, before start another knot, we must to cross the white central cord. so the left one goes on top, and the right one goes under, and then cross them.

And then restart again whit the knot.

It's important to remember, that sometimes we need to pull the red cord that goes down, and adjust the knot, to make it uniform and shape.

Step 6: Tying , Reach the Desired Length and Closing Knot

After passed a few hours tying ( people trust me, for make this belt that is long about 1.15 mt , i take about 4-5 hours ), and reach our desired length, we need to close the entire knot. but not tie fermly because we need to do at last another thing, that was explained on the next step.

Step 7: Insert Cord in the Knot Loop

So now we need to do the worst part of the mission XD.

Now we must insert the cord in to the knot loop, and we need the help of the paracord needle ( i don't have it so that's why i'm using a wood stick ).

So i insert at first the wood stick in the loops and then i insert the cord. It's a very boring part but we must do it.

So take very patiently this part and take all the time that you need.

I think with the paracord needle is much easier then this way, but people that don't have it can do my way ;).

We can help also with our pliers to pull out, in an easy way , our cord.

Step 8: Snip & Singe the End of the Belt

So when we have insert and passed all the cords into the knot loop, we need to cut the exxcess cord.

I remember that we need to cut about 5-6 mm more, and not cut too short because we need to burn it with the lighter. After that adjust and shape the knot fermly. And that's it !!!! but we don't finish yet.

Last thing to do to the next step.

Step 9: Loop to Keep the Tail in Place

Last part.

Now we need to take the first part of the belt, near the buckle, and with our pliers open up four loop.

Insert the cord in the two loop of the up side, one hand in a loop and other end in other loop. Same thing for the down side loop.

Then take the down side and start to make a solomon bar knot, till you reach the end. Then tying fermly, cut and singe the excess cord. Done !!!!

Here the video of the solomon bar knot

The result is a very beautiful wavy Paracord belt. You can do it with all color that you want and long as you want.

Don't forget to flip the belt at the end, and don't confuse the back side of the belt with the front side. NEVER !!!!!!

So that's the end, i hope you enjoy the tutorial and bring patience for my english, but i like prefer talk than write :D.

So CYA everybody and thanks ;) PEACE

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    10 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    so for this project about 50 foot of red cord and about 40 for white one, for a belt that was about 1.15 mt long. In case of emergency you can use this cord for pull every i think. the only thing that i know that paracord 550 support about 200 kg oin ultimate strength maybe the same in traction. For example in case of emergency you can cut thr cord and use a part of that.


    Reply 4 years ago

    What measurements in either feet or inches would 1.15 mt be?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, it's about 3.77 feet...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Made it for my girl friend. She loved it so much. It was fun project. Thank You


    thanks for this tutorial, was a great help! but you didn't specify the length needed so i made mine to short :p i reckon you'll need atleast 20 meters each line


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get your paracord and buckle? Great design and Idea, you have my vote.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    the length for the belt i think it's too much because when i made the belt, i've cut much cord in excess, but better more than less :D


    5 years ago

    Awesome project! What length of paracord do you need for each color? Also how easy are they to deploy in an emergency situation?


    5 years ago

    How much paracord did you use.