How to Make a World of Warcraft Private Server on a Mac! 10.5.7+ Only





Introduction: How to Make a World of Warcraft Private Server on a Mac! 10.5.7+ Only

Because of the update to 3.2.2 for MacPack requires Mac OSX 10.6... I have made this for the people that still have 10.5.7!

Patch 3.1.3 only...

Step 1: Downloads



Navicat Lite

This contains the .prefPane that you need.

Step 2: Install MacPack 13.1!

 One of the easiest steps in the Instructable! It is self explanatory.

Step 3: Start MySQL

1. Go to your System Preferences.
2. Go to MySQL.
3. Start MySQL.

Step 4: Make a New Navicat Connection

1. Open up Navicat.
2. Go to Connection and click MySQL.
3. Use the information in the picture.
4. Test Connection.
5. The connection should be successful.

Step 5: Start the Server!

1. Open Terminal.
2. Copy this:
cd /arcemu/server/bin
3. Paste it in the Bash.
4. Copy this:
5. Paste it in the Bash.

That should have made it so you can logon. But now without running the next command, you cant connect to the server.

1. Press "Command + N"
This should have opened a new bash.
2. Do the same exact thing as the other command but this time instead of running "arcemu-logonserver" use this command:

Step 6: Change Realmlist and Connect!

1. Find your in the World of Warcraft folder.
2. Change the text in it to: 
Set Realmlist
3. Save it.
4. Logon to WoW with this account:
Username: Epic
Password: Epic
5. ENJOY!!!!



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    38 Discussions

    Hello the SQL link doesn't work you might want to check it thanks ^^

    hi, when i try to open mysql, it pop up a msg saying mysql will not work on intel based mac, can you help?

    Start MySQL:
    Install: mysql-5.1.44-osx10.5-x86_64 AND MySQLStartupItem.
    Open: MySQL.prefPane.

    Have fun =)

    (Sorry my english ist not good. For english and germany help:

    I did everything that you said to do above, but at the end of both terminal windows it said "Connection failed due to: `Unknown database 'macpack'`" any advice?

    That would be in Navicat. Under logon section you go to accounts. From there it is pretty self explanatory.

    ik this is old, but i hope you still follow... when i logon it says unable to validate game version... please help?

    3 replies

    I press the red buton who quits the terminal i dont quit it wher u can find your mac version and soo is it right on the window where u can do +,-and x

    1 reply

    If it gives you a warning that it will cancel the action in progress or whatever it is (Never did this in a while. =P) then do not close it.

     Just tried again with Epic/Epic and this time it said:


    I hope this info helps you to help me. 

    1 reply

     The problem could be is that you could have quit Terminal after you turned on the Login Server.

    My WoW is now 3.3.3..... Wtf how do u unpatch your wow to 3.1.3? :O
    Mac's doesn't have WoW Repair or something..

    1 reply

     Because Mac does not have a repair kit, the only known way to downgrade is to reinstall the whole client.

     I have followed the instructions carefully, and I believe the problem is in the Terminal. I did everything you specified however it did not work and wrote back with "no suitable image found" and "did find but wrong architecture". 

    Can you please help. Also why login with "Epic/Epic"? 

    PS: Epic/Epic currently does not work.

    Please help. 

    It's not showing my MySQL at all, anyone have any idea?

     First of all, what exactly didn't work?

    Secondly, with terminal, one the world and logon server is started you can just close those 2 windows/tabs. Just make sure you do not quit Terminal.